General Service Respirator Military Gas Mask

This is the latest issue British Army GSR gas mask, designed to be worn for longer periods than the original S10 mask, can be worn for 24 hours of continuous use in CBRN environments CBRN stands for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear as opposed to the previous design S10 mask which could only be used for a contious period of 4 hours. It is adviseable to always have an unused set of sealed filters for use with the mask, these can be purchased from our website when available.

"Haversack Bag" is sold seperately

This kit includes all below items:

  • 1 x gsr respirator.
  • 1 x Set of filter canisters, already attatched
  • This mask allows user to change the filters without removing the mask.
  • Includes Protective inner
  • Super Grade condition.

A general rule for determining size is to know your hat size, this can be done by measuring the circumference of your head.

Hat Size:
54/55cm = Small
56/57cm = Medium
58/59cm = Large
60/61cm = XL

GSR Mask Sizes:
Small = No4
Medium = No3
Large = No2
XL = No1

British Army GSR Respirator Gas Mask