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Single-breasted fully lined non-reversible combat smock printed with camouflage pattern (Disruptive Pattern Material) of dark-brown and light-green swirls on a light khaki field. Superimposed on the pattern are black irregular 'twig' shapes. The smock features four flapped pockets secured by green plastic buttons, buttons to cuffs and extended epaulettes. To the left upper sleeve is fitted a rectangular pen and pencil pocket, secured by a flap and button. The smock features a full-length zipper and is also secured by five exposed buttons. There is a concealed drawer cord fitted to the waist for tighter fit, and one more to the hem of the skirt. A button fitted to the outer neck of the collar, allows a camouflage-patterned hood to be fitted, fastened to the neck and the two epaulette buttons. Inside of the smock is sewn a tail of DPM cloth intended to be brought up between the wearer's legs and fastened by buttons located in three matching pairs to the inside front. Also within the inside of the smock is a pocket to the rear, large enough to stow a rolled poncho, NBC suit or quilted liner.

Super Grade Like new

Grade1 Surplus item which has been previously worn and with all functional items working i.e. zips, buttons, velcro etc.No holes, rips, tears or repairs.

Grade 2 Surplus item which has been previously worn and with all functional items working i.e. zips, buttons etc. Repairs may have been made to holes, rips and tears and these items generally have seen more wear than Grade 1 items. Condition reflected in lower price than Grade 1.

British 68 Pattern Smock

  • Size 1/2/3 For a person up to height 5'7"

    Size 1- 34" to 36" chest, Size 2 37"-39" Chest, Size 3 40"-43"

    Size 4/5/6 For a person from 5'7"- 5'10" 

    Size 4- 34" to 36" chest, Size 5 37"-39" Chest, Size 6 40"-43"

    Size 7/8/9 For a person 5'10"-6'2"

    Size 7- 36"- 38" chest, Size 8 39"-42" Chest, Size 9 43"-46"

  • Colors vary from Smock to smock, and may look darker or lighter to that of the images. This is due to several factors, Manufacturer, aging of garment, lighting in images.

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