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Does a lunch box get any more ally?

These Post war No 1 2 MEN-1 DAY Ration tin were Supplied to armored fighting vehicle crew. These boxes were pre-loaded with food, and handed to the crews when re-fueling and re-arming. The previous day's empty boxes could be turned in at the same time for re-loading.


  • 1956 Dated
  • Supplied by J.E.S Co LTD
  • MK1
  • Leather Strap, with metal buckle closure
  • Painted OD Green
  • Dimensions outer approx : 23cm x 15cm x 12.5cm
  • Unissued
  • Excellent unused Condition with minor rusting to buckle
  • One available in Suppliers wrap.

British Two Man Rations Tin MK1

Out of Stock
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