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The standard issue British Army Desert DPM basha is used as a shelter in the field and on operations, as standard issued to British Armed Forces, and can also be used as a battlefield stretcher for casualty removal and has large grab handles.

May or may not with stuff sack (DPM or MTP subject to availability)

Metal gromits and loops round edge to make into a shelter top, 100% waterproof, packs away small.


  • Size: Measures approx 2.3M x 2.4M
  • Easy fold for hiking and fast camp set up
  • Versatile for use as stand alone shelter, tarpaulin, sleeping cover, carry bag, first aid stretcher, dry storage or use as military hammock
  • Brass Eyelets For suspending From branches etc.
  • Reinforced side handles
  • Grade 1 condition

British Army Desert DPM Basha Hootch Shelter

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