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This camo pattern traces back to German splinter pattern (Splittermuster) and marsh pattern (Sumpfmuster) designs from World War II. These inspired Poland’s wz58 Deszczyk (“raindrop”), the first “rain pattern” camo. The Warsaw Pact allowed other nations to co-opt this design, leading to the East German Strichtarn and the Czech Jehlici/Oblaky pattern (“needles” and “clouds” respectively).

The Czech design widened the lines of the pattern from their narrower origins but kept and expanded the practice of dappling beneath the camo with water-stains. Issued from 1963 through the 80s, later versions saw this unique mottling fade in prominence, while light and dark grey color variants were common throughout. The design proved to have a unique edge against night vision — the water stains disguised the pattern by appearing over it, transforming it into an alt-terrain camo resembling World War II Leibermuster (a design that infamously inspired the Swiss TAZ 83, soon dubbed the “pizza camouflage”).


  • Authentic Czechoslovakian Cold War surplus
  • Czech-modified rain pattern (Jehlici/Oblaky)
  • Thick cotton polyester twill
  • Buttoned Center
  • Buttoned collar for hood attatchment (not sold with Jacket)
  • Cuff Gaitor
  • Five pockets
    • Three interior (right hip, left hip, and breast)
    • Two exterior (breast and back)
  • Waist cinch cord

New/ Old stock Super Grade Like new Condition

40"- 42" Chest / Sleeve 22" / Torso 25.5"

Czech M60 Rain Pattern Field Jacket

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