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This Cyalume Light Stick Holder is a good fit for Cyalume 6”, 10” 12” or 15” Light Sticks and can be mounted to any steel or magnetic surface. This accessory increases the versatility and performance of the Cyalume ChemLight or Glow Stick. Enables a user to work with both hands free while enjoying brilliant light from a Cyalume light stick.

From working in confined spaces to changing a tire, the magnetic light stick holder acts as a second pair of hands. Simply activate light stick then twist into magnetic base holder. Can be attached to vehicles, steel pipe, door frames and a variety of other surfaces..

Compatible with most CYALUME Branded Glow Sticks with screw thread at bottom of stick. Please note that other branded Glow sticks may not fit this holder.


NSN: 6230 99 892 0261

Cyalume Product Number: 9-33460

Colour: Green

Use Warning: Magnet is powerful so care should be taken if/when attaching to metal surfaces like vehicle panels as may potentially scratch if removed without care



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